Emergency Education Program

The ARO Foundation Emergency Education Program (AROEEP) is a six-month intensive primary education program that ensures that disenfranchised children are provided with free and quality basic education.

The idea following the Emergency Education Program is to create an efficient educational system. This system will be practical in educational emergencies, arising as a result of insurgency, war and/or displacement. Children are the most affected in adverse circumstances as such and are in most cases deprived of safety and quality education.

The ARO EEP serves to reach children in distraught regions whose education have been inhibited. it is our belief that no child’s education is worth being put on hold for whatever reason, since it follows that their futures are impeded and opportunities lost. We ensure that they are provided with adequate resources required to help them deal with negative exposure, strongly fighting for children’s right to education and protection. We understand the importance of a solid young foundation for every child, so we took the initiative to intervene and counter the disadvantage in the children’s lives and better their chance at a fair start.

AROEEP is made completely free to encourage maximum participation and curb any monetary deterrent preventing the children from participating. School supplies, which include uniforms, bags, books, stationery among others are provided for the children upon enrollment.

We kick off this program by starting with disenfranchised bright minds in internally Displaced People Camps (IDP CAMPS). A child needs to be loved, nurtured and protected in a non-violent and stimulating environment to develop invaluable skills and recover from adversity. Over 45% of children in conflict zones do net get the love, nurture and motivation they need. This deteriorates the child’s development and growth as well as society’s advancement.
We understand the importance of a solid young foundation for every child, so we took the initiative to intervene and counter the disadvantage in the children’s lives and better their chance at a fair start. We cannot let children lose their futures.
Classes at the ARO foundation Emergency Education Program are conducted in fully ventilated modern tents, equipped with adequate furniture to facilitate the teaching and the learning process. These tents are only temporary to enable the children continue learning before they can return to a fully structured school. Efficient and resilient educational and relief staff/volunteers are dispatched to affected regions for the implementation of the program.



The ARO FOUNDATION EMERGENCY EDUCATION PROGRAM embodies three arms, each arm substantial with its own definite itineraries.

These arms include:

  • Introductory Learning

  • Level A

  • Level B


This program simulates the Nigerian nursery school scheme. The disparity being the availability of a comprehensive computer education course for the children enrolled in this program. Videos and projectors are employed as a major teaching medium to enhance their minds. Assimilation for the children is easier and quicker, as seeing graphic representation of educative materials makes for effective knowledge acquisition.


This encompasses the learning curriculum of primary 1- 3 classes. In this program, the standard curriculum for primary 1-3 classes is broken down, with each course taken progressively during the duration of the program. We make use of qualified and experienced teachers familiar with the 1-3 learning curriculum to impact this knowledge to the children.


This includes the learning curriculum of primary 4-6. Here, we completely breakdown the scheme and teach each course one after the other. Five basic courses are taken in this level; Mathematics, English Language, Information Technology, Basic Science and physical Education. In addition, a special course is taken to prepare the children for external examinations into secondary school. Experienced and qualified teachers familiar `with the curriculum associated with this level are employed.

During the implementation of these programs, we administer tests with a criterion for introductory learning, level A and B, to examine the progress of the education program. We give each child adequate attention and provide them with necessary requirements to excel.


The ARO Foundation Emergency Education Program is equipped with facilities, educational and recreational, to create an easy and effective learning environment for both pupils and teachers alike. These facilities include;


ARO Foundation works hard to see that the children are introduced to computer learning at the Emergency Education Program. ARO Foundation EEP is equipped with fully functional computers to provide children with the tools to understand the ever advancing technology in the world today. Familiarizing the children with computers and empowering them with computer skills gives them an upper hand in class work as they are able to grasp concepts easily due to the fact that their minds have been challenged with things other kids of their level are doing.


Classrooms have changed dramatically over the last decade with the advent of new technologies and equipment developed to make teaching and learning more diversified and interactive. ARO Foundation adopts this method of learning in the Emergency Education Program. Classrooms are equipped with projectors and children do not have to crowd around a computer monitor to view presentations. Projectors help to disseminate information to the children in more than one form; through the combined use of text, audio, graphics or full-motion video, increasing the children’s chances of grasping and learning the lessons.

The projectors are not used for educational purposes alone during EEP lessons. Children TV shows are televised during class recess as well.

Playground Equipments

Recreation is incredibly important to the development of children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, as well as creativity and imagination. It is essential to brain development and the development of certain reasoning abilities. Additionally, lack of recreation can be harmful to a developing child. ARO Foundation does not believe in classroom lessons alone. We recognize the need for children to engage in recreational activity to enhance their development. It is just as educative as science textbook. To this end, the learning centers at the Emergency Education Program are fortified with outdoor playground equipment, helping the children be at leisure while also learning from their surroundings. The outdoor playground equipment available at the Emergency Education Program include; slides, merry-go-rounds, jump tyres and swing sets.

Outdoor games are fundamental in the growth of children. It allows them develop muscle strength and coordination as well as explore their environment. We acknowledge this importance and created an ambiance at the AROEEP, providing adequate resources to enhance outdoor activity.

Football, jump rope, molding and dodge ball are some of the outdoor games at the program.

Indoor games are also available at the ARO Foundation Emergency Education learning     center. Games like scrabble, ludo, building blocks, etc. are employed to develop mental capacity and also as a medium for recreation.


The Aro Emergency Education Program implements processes to better qualify the children enrolled in the program to the classes available at the program. Children aren’t simply admitted to respective classes without determining their level of educational prominence. In addition to the last result obtained from previous educational institution (if any), tests are conducting for each child and the results of these tests serve as the determining factor on the class placement deserving each child.


Food is essential to the growth and development of every child. Diet, healthy or otherwise reflects directly on the physical, mental and social functions of growing children. Good nutrition for children is one of the concerns of this Emergency Education Program. The program not only provides children with food items during recess but also ensures that these children have the right nourishment in protein,fruits and vegetables to facilitate healthy growth and development, while strengthening the immune system to fight against illnesses and diseases and thus energizing the children for their academic work.




Leadership and mentorship is a significant factor in grooming future leaders. Our goal is to build up the characters of children and to spur them to acquire greater heights. Leadership and mentorship day is one of the measures geared towards achieving our goal. It is a weekly initiative conducted at our Emergency Education Program.

Individuals with notable achievements in our society share their journey with the children, serving as inspirations to the heights the children should look to accomplishing.



  • To ensure that all children have access to basic education
  • To safeguard the rights of children to protection, health, nutrition and shelter across the world.
  • To ensure that children’s future isn’t impeded as a result of conflicts, war and/or displacement.
  • To ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes.
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