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ARO Emergency Education Program Launch

The ARO foundation kicked off its Emergency Education Program (EEP) on the 20th of September, 2017, at Karon-majigi, Abuja. The launch took place on the project site of the EEP. In attendance were the managing director ARO group, AROEEP team amongst several friends and well-wishers. Members of staff of Zulwa Company were also well represented.

The launch commenced at 3pm, with the advent of the managing director together with his friends and well-wishers. Islamic and Christian prayers were recited by two of the IDPs to add a spiritual ambience to the ceremony.

The ceremony featured speeches from the managing director and the ARO foundation’s operations manager, as well as games and competitions. The managing director welcomed everyone to the ceremony, introducing the foundation and its proposed EEP to the IDP and other personnel present. Similarly, the operations manager stated the aims and objectives the EEP hopes to accomplish throughout the duration of the program. The children partaking in the program were likewise admonished to be on their best comportment and give themselves willingly to learning all that the program aims to impart.

The highlight of the launch was the dance competition organized by the managing director. Several children participated in the competition and prizes were awarded to the best three of the dancers. Followed closely was the distribution of food items and refreshments to the IDPs.

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